About Ren's Kitchen

Ren’s Kitchen is the brainchild of passionate ‘foodie’ Renuka Patel.

Created out of a genuine love for cooking Indian food and collecting Indian recipes, Ren has set up her cookery school with the aim to provide lovers of Indian food the opportunity to create their very own dishes at home.

“ That’s why I love to get involved...Ren’s Kitchen teaches curry lovers how to cook authentic delicious Indian meals for themselves. They’ll never to need to order takeaway again! ”

About Ren

Ren’s passion for Indian food is well known to her family and friends. Her reputation grew rapidly as the number of people asking for cookery tips and lessons steadily increased. Ren realised that she had discovered her passion.

With ‘curry’ being the nation’s favourite food, most people either go out to restaurants to eat it, grab a ‘take away’ or buy lavishly photographed Indian cookery books, but only to find that they just can’t get the flavours they crave quite right – this is where Ren gets involved.

Ren had worked in a corporate environment for 13 years and after being made redundant and giving birth to her beautiful daughter, Monica in 2003 she wanted to find a way of spending time with Monica at home but still pursuing a career. Ren’s Kitchen was therefore born in the summer of 2004. Ren began sharing her knowledge and passion of Indian cooking from her family kitchen, teaching a maximum of three people at a time. Ren’s Kitchen became more and more popular and Ren has since created a fabulous studio that now enables her to teach classes of six people.

If it’s not fun, it’s not one of my classes!

Hands on Classes

The classes are not a demonstration, they are completely hands on with Ren holding your hand and guiding you through each dish. Ren strongly believes that once you ‘understand’ spices, the scare factor is lifted from Indian cooking. She takes you on an educational journey through her very own spice box and you come out the other end fully understanding the purpose and effect of each spice you later use in your own curries.

Ren’s Kitchen teaches curry lovers how to cook their very own authentic and healthy Indian meals at home – you’ll never need to order a takeaway again!

“ Rather than working through a set menu, Renuka Patel tailors her courses to the abilities of her students — in this case, me and Alby, my 14-year-old son. She asks us about our curry-making experience (little more than throwing random spices at a pan and hoping) and the sort of Indian food we like. ”

Shaun Phillips

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