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We’ve been going from strength to strength since 2005, and our success has been the result of hard work and determination.

Below is a list of articles about Ren’s Kitchen from various UK press.

July 24, 2009

Educating Eaters: The best cookery courses

As more people choose to dine in than eat out, it’s boom time for cookery schools.
Three Times writers tried them out

Ren’s Kitchen — the name led me to expect one of those minimal Indian restaurants with turmeric-coloured furnishing and a framed, moving picture of a waterfall. But 28 Farm Road is a typical suburban house in Edgware, North London, or at least would be if it had a B&Q shed in the garden...

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December 17, 2006

The mumtrepreneurs

A new breed of stay-at-home mothers is finding clever ways to bring home the bacon and bring up baby. Julia Llewellyn Smith reports

At a children's ballet class in Edgware, north London, Renuka Patel is trying to persuade her daughter Monica, three, to join the group. 'Don't want to do ballet,' she sobs. 'Please, darling, please,' begs Renuka, as her mobile starts to ring again. 'I need those 45 minutes you're in the class. I have to make six phone calls.'...

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September 17, 2009

How Ren Patel went from city sack to running a cookery school

When Ren Patel discovered that she was losing her job, her entire world turned upside down.

"Not only had I never been out of work, but I was pregnant," she says. "I couldn't see how to get back up and running and felt quite hopeless."...

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