Spice shop

Don't be disappointed with the spices you buy in supermarkets. By popular demand we are proud to sell the most fragrant and fresh spices.

Ren's spice box

Presented in a beautiful stainless steel vessel, the Ren’s Kitchen spice box has everything you need to create your very own curries at home. The box has the following in it and is sold with a photographic explanation and steel spoons.

(+£6.00 postage & packing)

Spice Refills

If you would like a refill for your spice box or want to purchase a spice individually then please email us on info@renskitchen.com and let us know which spices you need.

  • Jaggery

    An essential ingredient, Jaggery is unrefined cane sugar, it is less sweet that palm sugar and is mostly used in savoury dishes to create a balance between the sour and the salty.


  • Asafoetida

    Otherwise known as devils dung and stink finger! It is a resin from a bulb like tree, the theory is that the food we eat should work in harmony with our bodies and not make us flatulate, Asafoetida is also used as substitute for onions and garlic by many faiths including the Jain.


  • Fresh raw coriander seeds

    Coriander seeds are the product of overgrown fresh coriander, they should be green or slightly brown.


  • Ajwan seeds

    Used in dishes with Okra and are a marriage with gram flour so you will need them when making any type of pakora.


Kitchen Tools

The tools that are used in an Indian kitchen can be unusual yet practical, here are our most popular sellers that will help you become the best chapatti and parantha maker in town!

  • Indian rolling board

    These wooden chapati boards are ideal for making the perfect size chapati. Made from finest Indian Rosewood.

    Diameter: 29 cm


  • Indian rolling pin (Vellun)

    For the perfect chapati you need to use a thin hardwood rolling pin. These rolling pins are made from finest Indian Rosewood.

    Length: 40 cm
    Diameter: 2.5 cm


  • Chapati presser

    Don't burn your fingers pressing your chapati onto a hot tawa! Use our hardwood chapati press to make life a little easier...


  • Tongs

    Simple stainless steel tongs, use them to flip your chapatis without burning your fingers.